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How to ALWAYS use gmail when clicking web e-mail links to send mail. - Gmail Help

Read on for our tips so you can be informed before your next trip. Without a VPN, using public wifi puts your personal information at risk. A VPN encrypts and protects your connection so no one else can see this private information. Sometimes that can be impractical if the internet is already slow, as a VPN can contribute to that. Make it common practice to turn on your VPN before you open your web browser.

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You can even set up your computer to automatically open the app anytime you restart it, like we do. Again, Encrypt. Here is a breakdown of Encrypt.


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The Access Token's purpose is to inform the API that the bearer of the token has been authorized to:. Your application should not attempt to decode them or expect to receive tokens in a particular format.

Why You Should Always Use Access Tokens to Secure APIs

Now that we've seen some ways in which we can use tokens, let's talk about when they should not be used. Access Tokens must never be used for authentication. Access Tokens cannot tell us if the user has authenticated. The only user information the Access Token possesses is the user ID, located in the sub claim. Each token contains information for the intended audience which is usually the recipient.