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Market Value of Debt. This market value of debt template shows you how to calculate the market value of debt given the FV of total debt, interest expense, cost of debt and weighted average maturity. Leverage Ratios. This leverage ratios template helps you calculate five commonly used leverage ratios. Enterprise Value vs Equity Value Calculator. This enterprise value vs equity value calculator will allow you to compare the equity value of two companies with the same enterprise value but different capital structures.

Sensitivity Analysis Table.

This sensitivity analysis table template helps you predict sales revenue based on changes in input variables including traffic growth, unit price and sales volume. WACC Calculator. Cash Flow Reconciliation. Effective Annual Interest Rate Calculator. This effective annual interest rate calculator helps you calculate the EAR given the nominal interest rate and number of compounding periods. Tax Shield Example. This tax shield example template shows how interest tax shield and depreciated tax shield are calculated.

Net Working Capital. Accounting Rate of Return. This accounting rate of return template will demonstrate two examples of ARR calculation. Return on Assets. This return on assets template will help you calculate return on assets using net income and the amount of start of period and end of period assets. Earnings Per Share. This earnings per share template helps you calculate basic and diluted EPS given information on common and preferred shares. Economic Value Added. Market Risk Premium.

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This market risk premium template will show you how to compute the market risk premium using the expected rate of return and risk-free rate. Perpetuity Calculator.

Building Financial Models

This perpetuity calculator shows you how to compute present value of perpetuity and perpetuity with growth. Debt Equity Ratio. Quick Ratio. This quick ratio template helps you calculate the quick ratio given the amount of cash, marketable securities, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Diluted EPS Formula. This diluted EPS formula template shows you how to compute the diluted earnings per share using information from income statement and an employee option schedule.

Margin of Safety. This margin of safety template will allow you to calculate the margin of safety given the profits and break-even point. Exchange Ratio. Comparable Company Analysis. This comparable company analysis template demonstrates how to compute and compare valuation ratios of industry competitors.

Present Value of Growth Opportunities.

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This present value of growth opportunities template shows you how to calculate the PVGO given the market price of stock, required rate of return and expected earnings. Expected Return. This expected return template will demonstrate the calculation of expected return for a single investment and for a portfolio. Adjusted Present Value. This adjusted present value template guides you through the calculation of APV starting with the value of unlevered project and PV of debt financing.

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Markup Calculator. This markup calculator shows you how to compute the markup amount and percentage given the selling price and cost of purchase. Crossover Rate. This crossover rate template will demonstrate how to calculate the NPV of different projects and plot the NPV profiles to identify the crossover rate.

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Cost of Preferred Stock Calculator. This cost of preferred stock calculator shows you how to calculate the cost of preferred stock given the dividend, stock price and growth rate.

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Salvage Value. This salvage value template shows the calculation of salvage value of an equipment. Unlevered FCF. Treasury Stock Method Calculator. Sharpe Ratio Calculator. This sharpe ratio calculator template demonstrates the calculation of sharpe ratio to determine an investment's performance relative to risk. Target Costing. This target costing template shows you how to find the target cost given the selling price and profit margin.

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Operating Income. This operating income template shows you how to calculate operating income using line items from the income statement. Straight Line Depreciation.

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This straight line depreciation template demonstrates how to calculate depreciation expense using the straight line depreciation method. Return on Equity.

Weighted Average Shares Outstanding. This weighted average shares outstanding template shows you how to calculate the weighted average shares outstanding using quarterly data. Cost of Goods Sold. Fixed Asset Turnover.

Unlevered Cost of Capital. This unlevered cost of capital template shows you how to compute the unlevered cost of capital given the risk free rate, unlevered beta and expected market return. Variance Formula. This variance formula template helps you find out the variance between actual and forecast financial figures. Variance Analysis.

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This variance analysis template guides you through the process of variance analysis using the column method. This NOPAT template shows you how to calculate the net operating profit after tax using the income statement. Economic Order Quantity. Geometric Mean.