Episode 3: Lust (The Wardens Series Season 1)

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Staff at Scunthorpe steelworks had been told talks were progressing well and an announcement could be made this morning. Enjoy the adventures of Andy Capp and wife Flo every day. Perishers Perishers - 11th November Perishers originally ran from to The strip is still so popular today that we decided to reprint the best of the strips by Maurice Dodd and Dennis Collins. Caballero welcomes Hank Bain on board. Hank goes out to his van, and contacts Zontar. Zontar sends a spaceship.

Doug extends the theme. He behaves obnoxiously, Bob complains and they argue.

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As a result, they don't get around to Bob's topic, short cuts. Max is having trouble coping with relationships, until he meets a woman who appreciates his bits. The spaceship lands on the roof of SCTV, leaves some cabbages, and takes off. The cabbages enter the building through a vent. Prickley arrives for the day and exchanges small talk with Gus before going in.

A cabbage arrives at Gus' feet. He picks it up. The Glowing Cabbage Effect. Juul Haalmeyer arrives and Gus, now a zombie, shoots him for not signing in. LaRue arrives, and Gus turns him into a zombie. The follow-on to the hit Songs of Defiance. Record 9. Meryl weeps and then blows up. Max is having trouble coping with relationships, until he meets a woman who appreciates him.

Floyd has an item about Zontar that catches Earl off guard. Earl has an item about a cabbage truck that's overturned. In the control booth, the director is welcomed to Zontar Hank has some radio equipment moved into his room. During the taping of his show Different Folks, Hank goes to make an important call to Zontar. Zontar gives Hank his instructions. An attorney with a case load that would break a clydesdale's back.

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  2. Episode 3: Lust (The Wardens Series Season 1) by Jackie Jones!
  3. Warden Norton;
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  5. Note: Ted Gordon is also Malpractice Lawyer. Joined in progress.

    Joan Embry, from the zoo, is a bit hammered. There's some trouble with a tasmanian devil. Tex and Edna are back with a new venture in the badlands. Sammy's next guest is Natalie Cole who performs a song "Nothin' but a Fool" and plugs 'Different Folks', for which she's recorded the theme song. Just before the clip comes on, a cabbage rolls onto the stage. Caballero, watching the Maudlin Show, is concerned about the low key performances.

    Her philosophy is do it, and she tries to do it to Brian. They visit the Playroom, where Brock is relaxing on the bed, and have some oysters. Recognized by more arts councils, grant agencies, nude models than any other card.

    Main cast member of The Crown seasons 1 and 2 returns for new episode

    Bones convinces Caballero that aliens are taking over the station. Outside, Caballero's staff have turned into zombies. Caballero and Bones discover Hank Bain's radio receiver. They grab Hank when he returns. Gerry Todd sets up the advent screen for Zontar's announcement. Zontar needs television entertainment and makes his demands: one nine-show cycle and three best ofs. However, after consulting an interplanetary almanac, Bones and Guy discover that Zontar is doomed.

    When Zontar explodes, the others snap out of it. Guy finds a moral and gives a stirring speech, concluding by admonishing us to watch the skies No wraparound, just a bunch of superb sketches.

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    Perini Scleroso is featured in a series of commercials for various products. The Merv Griffin 60's Show has plenty of 60's counter culture references and is loosely based on Easy Rider. Walter Cronkite's Brain includes a segment based on Superman, with a Star Wars light sabre duel thrown in. Emergency Caterers is a rather nifty parody of Emergency!

    The Looney Tunes theme has been replaced at the end of Videodating, requiring a new voiceover. When a party runs out of food, they call Emergency Caterers. Ex-nam, now everyone wants them. So good, you'll come back for more. Today's episode: function and control. They begin a typical Saturday with Walter, use the left side of the brain and head off to play golf. A montage of Walter and David anchoring the news through the years. Race memory. Young Walter remembers his early days on Krypton with his father.

    David tries to convince Jor-El not to send young Walter to Earth. They play golf. Walter shows a lack of Ingenuity. While on the course, young Walter crash lands on the green, and Walter is vaporized. David takes young Walter. Edith tries to teach a wild young woman how to behave in civilized society. At first she tries love, understanding and patience, but they end up duking it out. They get beat up by rednecks in the south.

    Virginia Graham talks about the coming sexual revolution. The Maharishi teaches transcendental meditation.

    Jackie Vernon and Merv go to an Afro-American studies class. Then they stop off at Hefner's mansion where Joan Baez entertains, and get raided by the cops. Promotional considerations provided by Ousley Pharmaceuticals "when you need drugs" , Jefferson Airplane, guests stay at Rochdale "you can smoke our roaches" , and Reunite "next time you're drying out".

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    Alexis and Stephan open the show. Glen struggles to answer viewer mail, including a letter from Darren Wade, who asks how to get on the show. In a dating tips segment, Kathy calls up Michael and asks him for a date. In the Rock Rap segment, the kids interview the band "Do you know Blondie? How late do you stay up? Rough Trade performs "High School Confidential". Bob explains the game and chats with the contestants.

    Prizes: lamps courtesy House of Lamps and bulbs courtesy Bright's Bulbs. Larry starts first by picking the category "Enemies of the Sheriff of Nottingham" and correctly answering a question related to Errol Flynn. Barb chooses "Christopher Cross" and answers an equally difficult question about an author with the same last name. Cornelius chooses "Leaning Towers", gets a question about Italian history, and blows it.