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Finding my voice and fighting for my son. Yes, financially its a struggle, and my marriage is constantly work, harder than it should be. But JB is my hero without a doubt and has given me the resources on where to go to find my son help — to get my son his independence. He is my heart and soul, the light of my life. Thank you Jenny. Please, please, I beg for this madness to end. Our children are getting better, some even recovering completely and it's time for the world to wake up. Every mainstream M. Jepson and the dedicated DAN doctors who have made all this possible! Im writing on behalf of the Autism discussion.

I have been told there is a doctor who can help with Autism. His name is Dr. I have been told that kids he has been treating you wouldnt have known they had Autism. It's definately something to look into.

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Our son was a perfectly happy and talking little guy until a round of vaccinations at 16 months. He regressed rapidly thereafter into a horrible state of autism. It was very devastating and still is today. We started biomed treatments at about 3 years of age and have been doing them for four years now. He has progressed nicely but still has a ways to go.

I have heard this same story over and over again from from other parents with autistic children. This phenomena didn't exist 15 years ago in this magnitude.

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Why cant we get the funding to find the root cause of this new disorder? What are we afraid to find?

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The people in the autism community are not anti vaccine at all —we actually fully vaxed our kids. We just want answers and solutions—if this means safer vaccines and safer schedules This is for the so called scientific community: Every one accepts the gene is involved in autism. Can anyone come with the answer why all the tragedy starts at months after the MMR vaccine. If it is genetic, it should have started by birth itself like kanner syndome!!

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So what did the so called "gene" do until months. Are they silent or they predisposed to wake up at age of months. Hello, I would like to know how, where and who will help treat my son? In the past few years my hubby and I have had some serious financial difficulties. Now, both of us are unemployed and we are in need of a ton of help! My son has classic autism, he is mainly non-verbal and has behavior issues. During his 1st and 2nd grades, his teacher had repeatedly asked to strap my kid to a chair to make him "focus" on her during tasks.

More and more, he was coming home with scratches and marks on him. Most of the time, I had to ask what happened and why?

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Most of the time, I kept on getting the same answer, "he is dropping to the floor and will not get up". I finally had enough of it and pulled him out of that school. I decided, after being told over and over again that he could not be enrolled in other schools, to home school him.

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Seriously harder than I had though! So, with all of that being said, my son is getting NO services! I need help for him badly!! Please let me know if you know how to get help for services and treatments. There are so many of us out there that can not afford it. I hadnt finished a book in over 5 years, mainly because I never had one waking moment to devote to reading anything, while I cared for our sick kids. While 'going thru' the illnesses, we all 'thought' that their dramatic regressions were due to them being sick all of the time, all of the 'ear infections caused speech regressions'..

I went from believing 'not really anything but a roll of the dice 'caused' Autism' We saw results immediately even with small changes in diets and simple supplements.. One of our boys is still non-verbal, however his fine motor skills have skyrocketed and our other boy went from saying one word a WEEK to full on conversations within a month, however his fine motors are still lacking If it wasnt for everyone standing up and shouting about RECOVERY, I am not sure where we would be, maybe my baby daughter, probably would be, also vaccine injured and suffering from Autism now as well My son was diagnosed at the age of 3 with regressive autism.

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We were told he was low functioning, mentally retarded, non-verbal and that we would need to institutionalize him. We were not told what to do or where to go for help or therapy. We grieved for 6 months and then I got mad, they gave us this horrible picture of my son's future but could not tell me how or why. I read a book about the GFCF diet and wanted to try it. Within a week we had eye contact and our first word! We then started bio-medical interventions and now at 10 he no longer meets the criteria for autism, is fully mainstreamed, and today he gave his first oral presentation at school.

I want to thank all of the people who have spoken out about this from Larry King and Jenny McCarthy to the wonderful doctors who have gone against mainstream medicine in order to help children like my son. We're been treating my son with autism and he's been getting better. Most people say when they see him for the first time in a while "OMG- he's a different kid. There are so many choices. But, as a parent, you have to chose! Have faith! Visualize it working like Jim Carrey always says.

Your Generation Rescue website is a great resource for parents and I send people there all the time. You saved my daughter's life. I was so fortunate to find GR very quickly after her diagnosis. I cannot imagine what would have been without that happening. Thank you, thank you, thank you. That sounds so trite compared to what you have given us JB Handley runs a company that produces food—food that has been tested and shown to contain mercury.

Will Mr. Handley discuss tonight what measures his company has taken to reduce the mercury in the foods he sells? My beautiful twin boys, Spiro and Peter have autism. When Peter was diagnosed first, I was advised by the developmental Pediatrician to enroll him in nursery school, and to get him ABA therapy. Somehow, I knew instinctively that there was more I could do to help my son. Then I found Dr. I became optomistic, and hopeful that there was something I could do to help Peter.

Shortly after that, his twin brother Spiro got diagnosed. We have been doing biomedicat for just over a year now, including diet, yeast and anti viral treatment, methyl cobalamin shots, and chelation. The changes have been incredible, especially with my son Peter who used to sit on the end of the sofa and stare off into space.