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Follow howtoforgecom. Monday, April 16, Different ways to print the first line of a file. In one of our earlier articles, we saw how to add a header or a trailer record to a file. Let us see in this article how to print the first line or the header record of a file. The default command which comes to our mind is the head command. Wednesday, April 11, cp - 10 different copy command examples. There are some options in cp which add lot of value to this command. In this article, we will see about some of the rarely used options of the cp command which makes cp really powerful.

Copy a file cp command has the arguments source file and destination file. Here, we are copying file1 to file2. It might look tricky if you are seeing this for the first time. Monday, April 9, What is sourcing a file? UNIX users would have heard the term "sourcing a file" pretty frequently. What exactly do we mean by sourcing a file?

Which files do we source? What is the use of it? Let us see in this article about this in detail. What is sourcing a file? Sourcing a file is nothing but executing the file, more importantly making the changes of the file applicable in the current shell itself, the shell which we are working in. Usually, when we execute a command or a script, a new sub-shell is created and the script is executed in the sub-shell.

Due to this, if the script or the command intends to make any change to the current shell, it will not happen. In order to make the changes applicable in the current shell itself, we "source" the file. Tuesday, April 3, Different ways to get the filename from absolute path. In this article, we will see the different ways from which we can get the filename from an absolute path name. Assume a variable "y" which contains the absolute path.

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Let us see how to extract the filename alone from the absolute path. For any of our process, if we are in need of a unique file name, then one of the best options is to have the date and time as part of the file name. Let us see the usage of date command: Tweet. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.