Mass Customization: An Exploration of European Characteristics (SpringerBriefs in Business)

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Tanya Boguslavskaya. Facet Theory. Information Systems, Management, Organization and Control. Daniela Baglieri. Business Modelling in the Dynamic Digital Space. Omar A El Sawy.

E-commerce Platform Acceptance. Ewelina Lacka. Qualitative Comparative Analysis with R. Alrik Thiem. Rinaldo Rinaldi. B2B Integration. Christoph Bussler. Andreas Holzinger.

Practical Studies in E-Government. Exploratory Data Analysis in Business and Economics. Thomas Cleff. Interactive Decision Aids in E-Commerce. Jella Pfeiffer. Managing Complexity. Jocelyn Bellemare. Vandana Mangal. Social Media Audit.

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Urs E. David A. An Analysis of Motivational Factors for Contribution. Katharina Hauck. Business Performance Measurement and Management. Paolo Taticchi. Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems. Gita Sukthankar. Envisioning Criminology. Michael D.

Mass customization : an exploration of European characteristics - EconBiz

Social Media Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality. Roberta Minazzi. Business Information Systems Workshops. Witold Abramowicz. Matthias Ackermann. Complex Surveys.


Parimal Mukhopadhyay. Knowledge and Project Management. Meliha Handzic. Vladlena Benson. Missing Data. John W. Supply Chain Management. A discussion about managing supply chain risks.

  1. Mass Customization An Exploration of European Characteristics.
  2. Justification, Sanctification and Righteousness (Sabbath Bible Lessons Book 89).
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Mass Customization

Pencil-drawn Strain Gauges and Chemiresistors on Paper. Foster C. Pencil it in: Pencil-drawn electrochemical sensing platforms. Dossi N. Pencil-drawn paper supported electrodes as simple electrochemical detectors for paper-based fluidic devices. Pencil leads doped with electrochemically deposited Ag and AgCl for drawing reference electrodes on paper-based electrochemical devices. Santhiago M. Low cost, simple three dimensional electrochemical paper-based analytical device for determination of p-nitrophenol. Yang H.

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Mass Customization

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Scofield J. Hartree-Slater subshell photoionization cross-sections at and eV. SpringerBriefs in Business Free Preview.