Red Army Armour in Combat (Eastern Front from Primary Sources)

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Eastern Front from Primary Sources - Red Army Armour in Combat

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Red Army Armour in Combat (Eastern Front from Primary Sources)

New Releases. Red Army in Combat Free delivery worldwide. Description This fascinating compilation of wartime battlefield reports drawn from Russian and German sources has been carefully selected by Emmy Award winning author and historian Bob Carruthers to produce an absorbing overview of the organisation and tactics of the Red Army in World War II.

Featured topics include anti-tank measures, cavalry tactics, the development of the Red Guards, Soviet parachute battalions, mountain fighters , mortar formations, field defences and improvisations, artillery effectiveness, infantry tactics and more. Combining contemporary reports of the key characteristics of the Red Army with more obscure aspects, including tactical advice given to Soviet troops on how to attack tanks with Molotov cocktails, this excellent survey of sources builds into an absorbing account of the Red Army drawn exclusively from original wartime reports.

This new ebook compilation is essential reading for anyone interested in discovering rare and vital information on the combat experience of the Red Army from primary sources. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x People who bought this also bought. Add to basket. Target: Italy Roderick Bailey. Churchill's War Lab Taylor Downing. Gurkha Colour Sergeant Kailash Limbu. Masters of the Air Donald L.

How to Defend Australia Hugh White. Frostgrave: Perilous Dark Joseph A. Uncle Bill Russell Miller.

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The Art of War Stephen F. Area 51 Annie Jacobsen. Bachem Ba Natter Robert Forsyth. Call Sign Chaos Jim Mattis. Guadalcanal Mark Stille. Frozen Hell William Trotter. Battle of Berlin Richard Worrall. The book is not flawless. The subtitle "The Turning Point of World War II" is regrettable: no one battle can be assigned such significance in a series of events as complicated as the greatest clash of arms in human history.

There are also some mistakes regarding unit names and locations at select dates, [4] but they are few and detract little from the book's value.

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Armor and Blood is now the best one-volume popular account of the Battle of Kursk and its impact on the course of the Second World War. Reviews, surveys, original essays, and commentary in the field of military studies. New York: Random House, ISBN —1———3.

Red Army Armour in Combat by Bob Carruthers

In evaluating and contextualizing Kursk, a spectrum of issues meriting consideration remains. First come statistics. In terms of material, the Soviet claims were of almost 2, tanks and assault guns destroyed. German archives provide a figure of around Only 10 of those were Tigers.

Similar exploration of Soviet records gives total AFV [armored fighting vehicle] losses for Central Front, between 1, and 1, for Voronezh Front and the reinforcements from Steppe Front. Put together, the totals vary between 1, and over 2,—about eight to one.

Primary Sources

More than 54, Germans were killed, wounded, or missing. Total Russian casualties exceeded , These figures help address some of Kursk's prevailing myths. The German army on the Eastern Front was neither bled white nor demobilized by Citadel's human and material losses. Its Tigers were masters of the field wherever they appeared.

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