The Myth Of Easy Money

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Are you aware of the divorce rate?

The Money Myth: Jem Bendell at TEDxTransmedia2011

None of us should leave any important aspect of our life entirely in the hands of someone else. Even if your partner loves you and is trustworthy, people make mistakes which can leave them in over their heads. If you are not communicating regularly about something as important as family finances, you may be in for some very nasty surprises. Things like that are meant to be shared in a relationship. But you need to have a look in at least once in awhile. Credit cards and loans are dangerous and will ruin your life.

In some cases, you might be able to get a discount for using cash making it the better option. But using cash for most purchases will leave you with almost no recourse if something goes wrong.

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Credit cards give all kinds of protections, extended warranties, fraud protection, additional insurance on things like travel. And if your card is stolen, cancel it and let the company sort if out.

Abusing credit cards can ruin your life but paying cash for a diamond ring that turns out to be a fake is pretty bad too. And in fact, prefer to lose money. Because the best interest rate on a savings account I could find is a measly 1. If you need that money in five years or less, go ahead and leave it in savings. So you want it to work for you. Much better than any savings account. Well, of course , it is.

Bringing in more money is always better.

notes for easy-money policy

This will mostly be an issue for those with children trying to decide if both parents should continue to work or if one should stay home. Having two incomes can also make you more careless with money. If you know you only have one income to depend on, it can make you a better saver and more frugal. There are also considerations beyond money.

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There is a lot of debate about whether children are better off being raised entirely by a stay at home parent. It takes an average of four months to find a new job. You can wrack up a lot of credit card interest in that amount of time.

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  • easy-money policy.
  • Since a falling dollar and easy Fed were said to be responsible for the gains since , the opposite environment was said to unwind all such gains. The only problem with this line of thinking? When it comes to the stock market, there are better things to worry about than King Dollar.

    The Top 10 Worst Money Myths You Need to Forget

    The crash in Crude was said to be evidence of a weakening global economy, and a wave of resulting bankruptcies in the energy sector was predicted to wreak havoc on global credit markets. It would do so once again this time around. As the Fed hiked rates in December for the first time since , it was the opinion of many that one should sell all of their stocks, particularly in Emerging Markets. Needless to say, such calls were based on nothing more than conjecture, as the evidence with respect to prior rate hikes even the most extreme hikes pointed to further gains, not losses.

    Not only did Emerging Market stocks not suffer from the hikes as predicted , they would go on to outperform. What did the data suggest? Quite the opposite. Average returns following new week lows were actually positive and above average in most instances. How would such a strategy fared historically? Not very good. As election years have historically returned slightly higher than non-election years 9. Neither is basing your investing decisions on volume. The volume spikes and subsequent declines during and after market corrections were said to be bearish omens each and every time from the March low.

    What did the data say: that such a notion was a big lie. Stocks did just fine, posting strong returns going forward.

    The Money Multiplier…and Other Myths about Banking

    If you held throughout , an outside observer might consider a breeze. What could possibly be hard about that? The fear of lack of volatility can be almost as strong as the opposite. What evidence is there that low volatility means stocks cannot continue higher? None stocks still tend to rise on average from very low volatility readings , but that did not stop the many calls saying as much. That is why the potential to make money online is attractive for so many people. But danger looms large, and a lot of people have taken advantage of that for so many years, and it still holds sway in this present day.

    We have our laptops to ourselves, and we can access information using the internet. As I said, these tools play a critical role in our lives. But that is not the case. It is not a walk in the park. Some people may get lucky, and it may be working for them. A lot of people hope they could be in that space, including me. And that is where some unscrupulous element will want to come in and exploit others. They will go the extra mile to achieve their goal—deceive people to make money. Empty promises take you nowhere. If you exploit people to make ends meet, it speaks volumes about your morals and kind of person you are.

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    • 1. I can always save later.;
    • Even, they think that people doing it are scammers and are achieving it through illegitimate means. When you make an assertion, you should at least back it up with facts. Derailing the public will do you no good. It is wrong to go that route. The simple truth is you can make money as an affiliate legitimately online—many folks are doing it, by the minute, and daily too.