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Is there a River under the Sea?

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Under the Sea - The Little Mermaid Live!

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She herself has never seen one in the wild. Those who have are witnesses to our warming ocean.

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They see the kelp recovering, the green abalone coming back. And now, they can even imagine an ocean brimming again with reds and whites.

Behind the Story: Tracking abalone in the lab, by boat and under the sea

I thought of these words as I tracked down history books and stories of the old abalone days. I discovered that in the s, the abalone in Monterey Bay supported Chinese immigrants who could send the dried baoyu home as prized delicacies. Then came the Japanese fishermen, who pioneered new dive technology that allowed them to stay underwater for hours at a time collecting awabi. Diving today is admirable — with pound nitrox tanks, dry suits, advanced timers and calculators.

The Bay Foundation scientists, like their many partners, have geared up in the middle of winter to check on the abalone in freezing waters. I watched Parker House paint a tiny bright blue dot and tweeze numbered tags onto so many little abalone. His voice dropped a few decibels and became more somber: It would mean so much if even four or five survived long enough to become a full-grown adult. Carolyn Cole, who shot the photos and videos for this story, followed the abalone all the way down to the seafloor.

She learned how to dive more than 75 feet with nitrox, shouldering her very! The world keeps getting hotter, the ocean absorbing so much of this heat. The sea is rising , and our own homes and ways of life are under threat.

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Underwater, these ecosystems are also changing with each storm and season. Like the endangered abalone, every living creature down there means something. Every life-encrusted ridge and healthy tower of kelp swaying with the current is a beautiful indicator of life and resilience under the sea. Carolyn and I explored everything with awe, and we are excited to finally show you — with photos, with underwater videos, with history and the research and devotion of so many scientists — a window into this colorful world so deep beneath the surface.

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